7 Breakfast Ideas to Serve at a Corporate Function

A close up shot of Chez Nous Corporate Catering breakfast bagels. Yum! Bacon and egg fillings.

We feel that there is nothing like a good breakfast to set your day off on the right foot. Whether you’re in the mood for a bit of a treat or something light, we have collected some great breakfast ideas to serve at your next corporate function. They will be a great start to everyone’s day!

1. Fresh Granola Cup

Craving something fresh on a hot summer day or for a morning snack? An easy go-to meal is a granola cup – a cup layered with granola, yoghurt and fruit. Packed with nutrients, this type of breakfast is a light way to begin the morning. The protein and fiber provided by the nuts and oats in granola is filling and you will also get a good dose of nutrients. Common in this meal are minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. This breakfast is great for a healthy and balanced diet.

At Chez Nous, we offer Granola Cups that are perfect on their own or when paired with additional breakfast items like our Bacon and Egg Florentine, our Ham and Cheese Croissant or our Mini Fruit Muffins!

fresh granola cup chez nous

2. Breakfast Bagels

Looking for something savoury? A bacon and egg breakfast bagel is a hearty and satisfying way to start out the day. When there is a lot to accomplish ahead, it feels good to know that a substantial breakfast will provide the energy you need to keep on going. With a range of complementing flavours, breakfast bagels can be a tasty choice.

We have a Crispy Bacon and Scrambled Egg Bagel that is perfect to keep you feeling satisfied during meetings, conference calls or long days in the office. A vegetarian breakfast bagel is also an option to add variety and accommodate to different dietary requirements.

breakfast bagels chez nous


Fluffy croissants are a nice alternative to the breakfast bagel at a corporate function. These are a pleasant choice if you want something lighter than the breakfast bagel and will pair nicely with granola cups or fruit skewers. They work well as an item to include in a corporate package, as packages are an excellent way to provide greater variety and sustenance for your colleagues if it is a long day at work or at corporate events.

We offer Ham and Cheese Croissants as well as Tomato and Cheese Croissants for those who prefer vegetarian meals.

Croissants chez nous

4. Breakfast Wraps

Kick starting the day with a protein rich breakfast is a smart way to get energy and keep the day headed in a positive direction.

Eggs contain a healthy dose of leucine which is an amino acid that is directly involved in regulating the insulin levels in the body and keeping energy levels up. An egg wrap also has many benefits, one of which is that it has a healthy dose of protein that will help you feel fuller for longer.

We have a Bacon and Cheese Scrambled Egg Wrap that is an easy to eat breakfast and a great alternative for specific dietary requirements as it can also be made gluten-free for those with food sensitivities or dietary preferences.

5. Light Fruit Skewers

Fruit skewers complemented with yoghurt and honey are another excellent option and give a unique spin to a morning breakfast. Honey has natural anti-bacterial properties, while yoghurt offers vitamins such as vitamins B-2 and B-12 and is a good source of protein and probiotics – making these a dynamic pair with nutrient-rich fruit in the morning. Plus, fruit skewers are naturally free of many common food allergens, making it an appealing breakfast no matter what your dietary requirements happen to be.

Our Fruit Skewer with Yoghurt and Honey is a nice complement to items like our bagels, muffins or breakfast tarts. Fresh and zesty fruit is nourishing and energizing for early meetings or to have during a morning tea break.

light fruit skewers chez nous

6. Tarts

Tarts are a popular breakfast idea that can be sweet or savoury. With a crisp pastry bottom and a flavourful filling – these are great for any office breakfast. Whether you have tartlets to complement your meal or choose a bigger breakfast tart, they offer a selection of tastes and will keep you fueled throughout your task lists, paperwork, and busy schedules.

We have a range of tarts including our Pumpkin, Spinach and Feta Tartlet (shown below), our Bacon and Egg Tart or our vegetarian Florentine Tart.

On the sweeter side, we have mini sweet tarts that are an excellent option to go with morning tea or to serve during breaks throughout your corporate event.

savoury tarts chez nous

7. Muffins

A muffin can take many different forms and offer a great variety for all appetites. Ranging from the hearty and savoury to the sweet and small, muffins are a classic breakfast food that appeals to many taste palettes.

At Chez Nous, we have a Bacon and Egg Muffin that is a wholesome breakfast choice. For a lighter breakfast, we offer mini fruit muffins that can complement additional breakfast selections or be offered during breaks.

We also have gluten-free sweet muffins available as an option for those with food intolerances.

Muffins chez nous

Starting your day off with a delicious breakfast makes for happy coworkers and clientele. We invite you to look at our menu to view all the options available to cater to your corporate function. To view our menu, click here.

To arrange catering for you next corporate breakfast or if you have any questions, please, contact us!